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The aim of the ideation phase is to support start-ups in the vicinity of the University of Grazto further develop their founding idea and their first solution approachesand create a prototype or business model prototype.  


This phase is intended for those interested in founding a company who already have an idea with possible solutions and want to set up a start-up. More intensive support already takes place in the ideation phase than in the awareness phase. It is therefore important that future founders already have prior knowledge of their field of ideas. 


Depending on the complexity of the project, the ideation phase can last between 3 and 6 months.


Startups develop their ideas further in individual workshops and personal coaching by the employees of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Applied Business Administration. Business models are developed for the innovative ideas and the first prototypes are created. A thorough analysis of the market also takes place in the ideation phase. In this phase, the desired business model is put through its paces and can also change fundamentally. Therefore we recommend: "Fall in Love with the Problem - not the Solution" 


In this phase, there is intensive networking with other partners in the Graz start-up scene. Start-up events such as meet-ups, start-up splashes, hackerthons from various cooperation partners are open to the founders. At the same time, there is the opportunity to exchange experiences with other start-ups. Many questions about accelerator programs, subsidies, investments, office space and other things related to the topic of founding a company can be clarified here.


There is already an opportunity to make important business contacts.   Here, too, we support you with a broad network of university and private business contacts. 


Access to well-equipped laboratories or workshops may be necessary for the development of the first prototypes or the elaboration of further research findings. Here, too, the startup-uni offers valuable contacts and funding via university and university-related institutions in order to support start-ups in their early founding phase. It is also possible to apply for financial support for material and expenses via the startup-uni. 


The ideation phase is open to those interested in founding a company with a brilliant idea from the university environment. It aims to support start-ups in developing a prototype and a solid business model.

Those interested in founding a company can apply to participate in the ideation phase at any time. For this purpose, a rough business idea and corresponding prior knowledge of the environment of the idea and the market should already exist. A founding team would be desirable but is not a must. In the ideation phase there are great opportunities to build up the team. 

Would you like to take part in the ideation phase of the startup university?

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Are you interested in the IDEATION phase?
Then tell us about your idea!


Develop start-up ideas and create prototypes


  • Practice workshops and hackerthons

  • Startup Coffee Break and Founder Stories 

  • Individual support from employees of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Applied Business Administration 

  • Startup Events 

  • Financial support for materials and expenses 

  • Support for important business partners eg: designers, website etc. 

  • Support for laboratory access / workshop access


  • Developed idea and first solution approaches 

  • Prior knowledge of the field of ideas and the intended market


  • Business model developed 

  • Prototype developed 

  • First customers: inside feedback 

Length of time

3 to max. 6 months 

Current examples of start-ups in the IDEATION phase: 

We are currently working with the teams from "DH Labs" and "Bug off" on the business model, building prototypes and even starting early-stage financing such as the "aws first incubator".

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