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Are you looking for a co-founder or would you like to become one? You will definitely find what you are looking for here! On the platform of Copla Founders and those who want to become one can find each other. To do this, fill out the form Copla or find what you are looking for in the advertised job advertisements for the right project. 

Punkte verbinden
Punkte verbinden


Career mentoring at the University of Graz

Self-employment, founding a company or founding a start-up have three things in common: a high level of self-motivation, a certain spirit of adventure and belief in your own project. The paths that lead to the success of your project, on the other hand, are varied.

As a startup university, we are closely networked with the careers promotion department of the University of Graz and act as a hub so that start-up ideas receive the ideal support.


Career mentoring - for the self-employed or anyone who wants to become one

If you are thinking about self-employment and would like to exchange ideas with mentors who have already gone down this path, you can do so via the Career Mentoring Program at the University of Graz.


Here's how to find a mentor:


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