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start-up programs

for employees, students & researchers

Start-up grant: Deadline last Application Round June 30, 2023

Start-up workshop & spin-off lab: Deadline June 4, 2023

The applicationphase has ended, we wish all applicants every success

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start up workshop

The start-up workshop is aimed at everyone employees of the University of Graz with start-up and innovation ideas and is thematically open. Pursue your idea towards self-employment. For the entire project, the employees receive a value of up to 40,000 euros.

Startup workshop idea phase

  • Only for employees of the University of Graz

  • Suitable for all ideas with a way to start a business

  • Mediation of the essential content on the subject of self-employment

  • Network access to grants and financing

  • Supervision by own mentors and experts

  • Extension of own skills (website, prototype,...)

  • Up to EUR 2,000 for material costs for project implementation

  • Optional leave of absence: Coverage of salary costs up to 8 hours per week on a full-time basis

Opportunity for subsequent start-up phase

  • Up to EUR 5,000 for material costs for project implementation

  • Coverage of salary costs up to 16 hours per week on a full-time basis


June 4, 2023

Start-Up Werkstatt

start-up grant

The start-up grant is intended to help students to reduce the financial burden of starting a business in advance. After receiving the scholarship, the team will be supported with a start-up program for a period of 6 months. In addition to content support, the teams receive support in building a network and access to industry managers and mentors. In this way, a start-up grant can help students to build their own business and minimize the financial risk of individuals.



The aim is to further develop the business idea within the 6 months .


During the scholarship, participants will learn different skills to eventually start their own business. At the end of the scholarship, the team should have developed the business idea to such an extent that it is ready to acquire follow-up financing or to generate its first sales. 


june 30, 2023

Spin-Off Lab

spin off lab

The Spin-Off Lab is aimed at all researchers who would like to start their own business based on their research idea.

Spin-off Lab Fellowship worth 150,000 EUR

  • Application open to researchers of the University of Graz and all externa

  • further development of commercially useable research results to a spin-off company

  • individual coaching and milestone plan

  • startup know-how through workshops

  • Temporary full-time employment (12 to 18 months, up to postdoc salary)

  • shared office desk for the duration of the project

  • individual support from mentors and coaches

  • Budget for consumables/material costs up to EUR 2,000 per month

  • involvement in the startup community and relevant networking


June 4, 2023

Chemie Unterricht
Start-Up Teams


The GENIUM team - Steven Weiss and Tamara Schenekar - works on the entrepreneurial implementation of scientific laboratory services. The aim is to commercially offer the many years of expertise in the working group in the field of DNA-based analyzes for various issues in environmental management, nature conservation and biodiversity monitoring.


Founders: Tamara Schenekar and Steven Weiss

Stage: Pre Seed

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