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The aim of the awareness phase is to spark interest in a university context for a self-employed career.  We use a large selection of university workshops, events and courses to impart knowledge from different areas to students and those interested in the university of entrepreneurship. The aim of the offer is that students can acquire the tools for generating and implementing a startup idea and running their own company. 


In courses likeFundamentals of EntrepreneurshiporFAME StartUpimportant topics of the foundation are dealt with. ​In cross-faculty workshops like thisEntrepreneurship Bootcampor theTransatlantic Entrepreneurship Academypractical experience can also be gained and ideas can be generated.


In the awareness phase, students and people close to the university should discover enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Many workshops and courses are designed to support the participants in developing an idea. Networking with other people interested in founding a company through courses and workshops is an essential part of the founding process.


Therefore, we also maintain a close connection to the Start-Up Network Graz. Finding the right team is often just as important as the brilliant idea. In addition, students learn to critically examine their start-up idea and build up prior knowledge of the target market. 


The awareness phase is open to all those interested in founding a company from the university environment. No previous knowledge is necessary for this. It is an uncomplicated offer to facilitate access to the topic of founding. 


Arouse interest in founding your own start-up and promote brilliant ideas 


Workshops, seminars, lectures by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Applied Business Administration  


You come from the university-related environment (students, employees, alumni, research partners)


  • The basics of the idea and concept have been developed

  • Idea and market-specific prior knowledge has been built up 

Length of time

The awareness phase can be designed flexibly 

Were we able to arouse your interest in entrepreneurship?
Then the AWARENESS phase is right for you.
Visit our entrepreneurship courses and workshops or send us a message!

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