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The aim of the acceleration phase is to promote the growth of start-ups and to establish them as permanent fixtures on the market. In this phase, we support founders in building up their business. Experienced mentors help young entrepreneurs to build up their company on the market and to make important contacts in industry and business. 


The acceleration phase is open to start-ups up to 3 years after their foundation. In this phase, everything is geared towards supporting start-ups in their independence. In the acceleration phase, start-ups receive individual support and personal coaching on development topics from experts. In addition, great importance is attached to the expansion of a business network. There are opportunities for this at numerous events organized by startup-uni and our cooperation partners. In addition, the mentor network of the startup university is of course also open. 


The startup-uni can also help with the provision of laboratory and workshop access during the acceleration phase. The startup-uni offers a network to university-related institutions as well as to established institutions from the start-up scene in Austria.


The expansion of the business network in all directions is a special focus in this phase. The university start-up network offers active exchange with companies, university lecturers and students who are enthusiastic about the Graz start-up scene. The network is therefore a breeding ground of academic knowledge, young minds, start-ups and strong networking in industry and business. 


The acceleration phase is open to university-related start-ups that have already been founded, want to establish themselves on the market and continue to grow. 


You want to immerse yourself in the start-up network of the startup-uni via the acceleration phase? 

Then apply now using our application form. 

Do you think your project fits the ACCELERATION phase?
Then get in touch with us!


Encourage growth 


  • Individual support/ coaching/ mentoring by mentor network   and by employees of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Applied Business Administration 

  • Business Network Support 

  • Support for laboratory access / workshop access

  • Assistance in applying for grants


  • Incorporation under corporate law 

  • Company can already register sales

  • First relevant business contacts were established

  • Business plan and growth strategy

  • Solid corporate communication package  (company presentation, pitch deck, online presence, etc.)


  • Solid company in the market

Length of time

Up to 3 years after foundation

Our Testimonials 

Start-ups such as Studo, Talto and DigniSens were founded in cooperation with the University of Graz and are still active in the university start-up network. There is a lively exchange between the mentors and the teams at regular events, workshops and coaching sessions.

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